Addy Jones

FARM (Functional Art Recycled Materials)

Addy has been on Flinders Island for 4 years, moving from Byron Bay and is the ‘jack of all trades. He has worked for Patagonia, artist/surfboard builder, excavator driver, landscaper, permaculturalist, earth worker and visionary. Addy has studied and taught at the Permaculture Research Institute in Northern NSW and brings a wealth of knowledge to the island.

Addy has big plans for Flinders, registering the name Flinders Island Eco Garden Supplies. He plans on value adding all of the islands waste selling 6-8 products including pavers made out of recycled glass, high grade soil compost, kunzia mulch, worm farms, community garden, recycled garden furniture, sculpture and art, solar stands, small earth ship as the office. Watch this space….

Limited supply available. For enquires please contact Taste of Flinders on