Organic Garlic

Mark and Sophie Pitchford

Brymworth Farm

Mark, Sophie and their three gorgeous children live at Brymworth Farm just north of Emita. Mark (aka Blouse) drives the livestock truck and Sophie is currently the acting General Manager at the Flinders Council. They are such down to earth people, offer so much to the island and their children are living the dream of growing up with chooks, ducks, ponies, dogs, cats and the list goes on.

Mark and Sophie have been growing NASA certified organic garlic for 7 years and have been mastering the art of it. This year they planted 25,000 bulbs and are trialling a new weed matting that should assist in decreasing the hours spent on weeding. Sophie is a master of creating ways to value add to her garlic. This year you will be able to buy garlic scape, smoked bulbs, fresh bulbs, plaits (great for Christmas presents) and dried biscuits. Next Year Mark and Sophie will be planting organic chillies and asparagus. Awesome!

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