Jason Bellinger


Jason is the master of growing Flinders Island Sweet Grey pumpkin. Jason is the son of David and Pauline Bellinger and you can always find Jason out on his tractor. Whether it is discing, spraying, sowing or harvesting, Jason works an incredible amount of time to get the job done. At 25 years of age Jason has his own farm, where he has recently undertaken large scale pasture improvements. He has hit the jackpot completing it this year when nearly 1m of rain has fallen. His farm has reacted incredibly well and he can now can look at increasing the stocking rate to take advantage of the excess feed.

He plants around ¼ of a hectare and harvests about 1.5 tonnes, supplying the local market with fresh, delicious pumpkins.

For Flinders Island pumpkins contact Taste of Flinders on orders@www.tasteofflinders.com.au or go to Walkers Supermarket – call them on 03 6359 2010.