Saltgrass Lamb

Darren Grace

Markarna Park

Markarna Park is the largest farm on Flinders, supplying lambs to Flinders lsland Meat all year round so they can keep a regular supply to the top chefs in the country. Markarna Park is managed by Darren Grace and they have the largest cross bred Merino ewe re-joined to a Poll Dorset and White Suffolk ram and Angus cattle operation on Flinders Island. Markarna Park has a total of approximately 11,750 hectares and is one of the largest employers on the Island, hiring 12 full time workers to run and further develop the farming operations.

Flinders Island Saltgrass Lamb would surely be the most famous Flinders Island product to be sold and marketed Australia wide. Flinders Island Meat do an amazing job selling to top restaurants around Australia, however this would not be achieved if it wasn’t for the island farmers that produce premium quality lamb.

What makes Flinders Island lamb a unique product is not only the quality and flavour of the pastures, but also how the farmers are progressive in their way of thinking and devotion towards animal welfare. Flinders Island Meat works closely with farmers so to ensure that quality is second to none. Due to demand there are plans in the pipeline to start exporting in the next 12 months. Flinders Island lamb was also recently selected by some of Australia’s top ‘foodies’ to spice up the new Virgin Business Class menu.

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