Mick and Liz Grimshaw

Locally Bottled

Straitwater is a business that has been developed to tackle the issue of excess plastic bottle use in a community that can take charge to lessen plastic throwaways. Also the fact that Flinders Island hosts one of the cleanest and pure environments in the world, therefore the rain water can be collected and bottled.

Mick and Liz Grimshaw are the founders of Straitwater and have done a lot of work in testing and coming up with the right processing method that delivers a top quality product. All of the bottles are reused, washed, sterilised and relabelled to ensure that they do not end up as waste. There is so much growth potential with the sparkling and still water, we hope to see it more widely available off island in the future!

For Straitwater orders contact Taste of Flinders on go to